With the FSH universal special dowel, Bartolucci’s Fixing System gives birth to a concrete answer for fixings suspended on hollow walls/ceilings.

Patented at the end of 2018 and exhibited for the first time at the Stuttgart “Fastener Fair 2019,” the special FSH dowel permits the fixing of loads such as wall decorations/furnishings, shelves, bathroom accessories, supports for drapes and awnings, hanging pieces etc. Its design, with two wings and a lock under the head, creates an anti-rotation effect during installation. The surface of the plug contributes to the anti-rotation effect, with a grip that adapts to the width of single or double drywall walls and ceiling. The FSH dowel adapts to any type of material, including concrete, solid brick, hollow brick, compacted stone, drywall, wood walls, and is particularly suited for hollow walls/ceilings. The tightening torques are made by metric screw, guaranteeing great results.

Fastener + Fixing Magazine, a noted editorial group in the global fixings sector and one of the most respected and authoritative voices dedicated to the sector, spoke about us and the FSH dowel.
You can read the publication on this site by following this link