Flip is a collar for piping and ductwork fixing, constructed in Nylon instead of iron or steel, patented by Bartolucci on 09/03/2009.

Nylon is a techno-polymer that guarantees good mechanical properties associated with resistance to atmospheric agents or chemicals and aging. In addition, it’s supplied with a rubber (EPDM) seal that isolates heat and vibrations.

What’s new:

We already said that Flip is constructed using techno-polymers, and as such doesn’t rust. Unlike normal collars, Flip is quick: the system tightens using two serrated flaps instead of screws, allowing for very fast fixing.
By inserting one flap into the base, one can position the tube while the collar is open and then immediate close it without other tools by simply pushing the other flap into the base. It can be made more tight by simply using pliers or adjustable pliers.


Where it can be used:

Flip can support tubing for plumbing tracks, downspouts, and internal and external electric channelling. The low profile version is recommended for installations in direct contact with the wall.

It offers a higher resistance that most current systems for electric channelling.